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Financial Literacy Self-assessment Tool

Financial literacy is one of the key competencies of the 21st century. We live in a complex world where every decision we make is directly or indirectly related to finances. We hear more and more about financial literacy and how important it is for us to be responsible for making decisions related to our finances. That is why it is essential for young people to understand the basic financial principles that govern our lives in order to be informed and confident in making financial decisions.

But how do you know if your financial literacy is at a satisfactory level, which will allow you to make adequate decisions related to your finances? Do you need additional information and training? Which are the skills that you shall work on?

Regardless of your age, this tool will help you assess your own knowledge and financial literacy by testing you for some basic concepts and questions on topics such as:

- Own financial status

- Financial responsibility and risk

- The specifics of different types of financial services

- Investment and labour market

Based on your results, we will offer you various training resources, information materials, and video content to improve your financial literacy, financial independence and make the right decisions regarding personal and family finances.

This tool was developed in the framework of the project "FinFluencers - Young Financial Influencers - positive impact on financial literacy and entrepreneurial potential of young people", funded by the Erasmus + program of the European Commission.